Running shoes are, without a doubt, the most important piece of equipment a runner will ever purchase (for women, a sports bra is a close second). 

Every single pair of running shoes is created not to fit all consumers, like cleats or basketball shoes, but rather to fit the individual based on a particular need.  Each running shoe is not created equal and it is our job to make sure the proper running shoe is placed on the right feet in order to enhance performance or prevent injury.

We accomplish this by performing a gait analysis and guide the customer in choosing the right support category (whether neutral, stability, or motion control) and talk about other shoe features that may enhance performance or prevent  injury. It should be noted that the majority of running related injuries are directly related to not having the proper running shoe. Given that everyone has different needs and preferences, there is no best shoe for everybody, only the best shoe for each individual.

Why Running Shoes??

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