Running Checklist

Anti Chafe- Do  you suffer from blisters or uncomfortable rubbing while working out or during everyday activities? An anti chafing stick or cream would be your best solution. 

An anti-chafe lubricant used to prevent blisters and sores in areas of high friction.

A good anti chafing lubricant like Body glide slides on invisible. It is not greasy or oily and it also has vitamin E and aloe to keep your skin healthy.

Sun Block- Whether you are a runner, golfer, swimmer, or cyclist; chances are you are in the sun during most of your workouts.  Although you might be working on your killer tan it is important that you protect yourself from the hot sun.

The easiest way to prevent any kind of skin damage would be to stay out of the sun all together, but for most San Diegiens that is not realistic. 

You need to wear sunscreen, which protects your skin by absorbing or reflecting the sun's rays.

Remember to apply your sun screen 30 minutes before being exposed to the sun and wear sun screen even on cloudy days. 

Moisture Wicking Socks- When running, walking, or exercising, a good technical sock is the way to go if you want to keep your feet dry, comfortable, and blister free. 

STAY AWAY FROM COTTON SOCKS!  Cotton socks are not recommended because they absorb sweat and dry slowly, this equals the perfect storm for blisters.  ​




Proper Running Shoe- Being fit for the proper running shoe may the most important item in order to run comfortably and injury free.  No two feet are the same, that is why it is important that one of our "Shoe Nerds" help fit you for the correct shoe for your specific foot shape, injury, and bio mechanics. 

This will help keep your body aligned, help prevent injuries, and keep your feet happy!


Also, in running shoes you typically want to go a size up from your regular shoes or heals.  When running your feet swell up and in you have too small of a shoe you may develop blackened toenails or hammer toe. 

Moisture Wicking Apparel-   This type of material is important because it wicks moisture ​​​​​​​​​​away from the body, keeps the body cool, comfortable, and helps prevent chafing and other discomfort. ​​

Just remember to avoid 100% cotton!

Sports Bra-  For women the proper sports bra is just as important as the proper running shoe.  It is important that you choose your sports bra based off of comfort and fit so we recommend that you do you sports bra shopping in person.  

For comfort and chafing prevention, look for any kind of moisture wicking bra such as a dri fit or coolmax bra. 

Also, you'll want seamless fabrics, seams with rolled edges, or covered seams to help prevent chafing.

Reflective Gear- It is important to wear reflective gear or light up accessories when training at night.  Extensive research has established that well-designed reflective clothing can increase your recognition by motorists 75%-!00% compared to non-reflective or fluorescent clothing.

Also, when running at night we recommend that you run towards traffic so that on coming traffic can see you and you can see them. 

Hydration Belt- It is important that you are properly hydrated throughout the day whether you are working out or not; a hydration belt is very helpful when you are planning on running or walking for an extended period. 

It is a comfortable way to carry water without the searching for a water station or holding water in your hand. 

Signs of Dehydration: Dry mouth, muscle fatigue, cramping, light headedness, vomiting, and your sweat may stop.  The bottom line is STAY HYDRATED!

Foam Roller- The foam roller is like a deep tissue massage without having to pay the extra $$$ for a trip to the spa.

Foam-rolling is important because it helps rub out muscle aches and pains after any workout.  It is important to throw this exercise into your workout routine because it helps prevent a lot of running related injuries. 

IT band syndrome and other similar flare-ups can be caused by too tight of muscles. Foam rolling every day ensures you are massaging away fascia buildup in your muscles and helps prevent those areas from becoming injury trigger points.

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