F.E.A.T. is a travel company specializing in Trail Running adventures in Peru, Patagonia, and California. Trips are thoughtfully created and delivered through extensive planning and unique local partnerships. Our all inclusive Running Trips cater to Runners and any Non-Running travel companions.

Individuals, families, and groups may choose to tailor client-specific itineraries designed to meet the various needs and interests of F.E.A.T. clientele. Travel includes luxury accommodations, cultural immersion, expert guides, and excellent local cuisine. Select from a full menu at all restaurants. There are NO fixed group menus.

At F.E.A.T. we are runners, world travelers, and professionals that operate according to socially responsible and sustainable practices. We seek to provide benefits to our clients, as well as the communities we travel

Email us: info@fitfeetadventures.com


Phone us: (424) 248-9126 

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